Little Bad Girl

I know that mesh is the new craze right now, and everyone has to have it. Well when your ass is considered a wide load that just won’t quit (oh yeah, thats my ego! she says hi!!) it’s really hard to find jeans that work. Plus the fact that mesh can get expensive. While these jeans don’t really have a butt to them, they DO fit around my ass… AND they are only 50L because [NV] is having a random 50L sale! They are partnered with -SU!- so they are also having a random 50L sale. I don’t know when it will end but I suggest getting down there and checking it out!!


Skin: [Atomic] – Grace Buff – Available @ TDR

Hair: “”D!va”” – Sayaka2

Under Shirt: !Admiral Spicy! – Ripped Tank Top

Top: [whatever] -Female Tanktop Leo- Mesh

Jeans: [NV] – Jane Skinny – Mesh

Shoes: [PM] – Baby T’s

Necklace: [EY:NO] – Filigran String Necklace


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