I Got You

So I was struggling to think of a song to go with this outfit cause thats one of my favorite things about blogging. Not only do I get to share my clothes and stuff, but I get to share my taste in music. And my bestie Rhia just sent me this song on Facebook, I Got You by Leona Lewis. We are weird like that, we send each other love songs cause its what we do. And its not at ALL weird that I’m doing this song and then posting some sexy little naughty lingerie from [Pretty Liar]. And just so happens that Focus Poses had a naughty set of poses just perfect for this! Not my fault it came with the dildo!! But whats awesome about that is that she gives you two different dildos. One for looks and one that you can beat people with it! And yes, I then proceeded to beat Kode with it while he ran from me like a little puss puss. Apparently a girl licking a dildo is hotter then a girl beating her Fiance’ with one. WHO KNEW?!


Hair: fri.day – Amelia

Outfit: [Pretty Liar] – Naughty Hottie (@Grenade Free Wednesday)

Ears: [Auxiliary] – Gacha Mouse Ears White2 -N/A

Gloves: [GLUE INK] – Ree Gloves

Individual Pose: ::Focus Poses :: – Naughty Set


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