Always Wanted

With Valentine’s day coming up and all the creators and their uncle popping out something red, romantical and skanky as you can get without just slapping some heart shapped pasties on, I have to say I personally like Pretty Liar’s take. She has the hearts and cuteness and love part.. but then she keeps it really simple with the outfit because for ONCE I am not gagging on pink or red like so many other content creators do.


Hair: [elikatira] – Other (SALE!)

Skin: {.essences.} – Wednesday (@ TDR)

Outfit: [Pretty Liar] – Stupid Cupid (@PW)

Makeup: -UtopiaH- Love Make-up (@PW)

Ring: Cute Poison – Star Ring (Gacha Machine)

Shoes: [BLK2.0] – Magnetized Sneakers

Tattoo: Vestigium – Chibi Dreams

Arm Warmers: *Epic* – Rigged Mesh Arm Warmers

Stocking: ** – Half Fishnet Stockings

Bloody Knee: -SU!- – Bloody Knees 04

Poses: :: Focus Poses :: – Valentine’s Day Set (@PW)

Let it Be

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while ladies I’ve had a little stomach virus but mostly better now! And just in time to tell you about some sales going on and a great hunt! First off, Elikatira is having ANOTHER hair sale. I’ve already been and started buying up a few things. Glow is also having a retirement sale on everything in the store too! Lastly, there is a hunt going on called Mon Amour Hunt for valentines day! So get to shopping ladies!! And as always, if I find more sales I will keep you posted!


Hair: [elikatira] – Shine (SALE!)

Skin: {.essences.} – Wednesday (@ TDR)

Shirt: [AB] – Denise Top (Mon Amour Hunt Item)

Glasses: [ glow ] – No Lenses reybey

Earrings: MONS – Swirl

Pants: .:villena:. – Skinny Jeans

Shoes: (Elate!) – Kate Flats

Necklace: [ glow ] – mix’n’match (SALE!)

Poses: :: Focus Poses :: – Model 122

Color on the Walls

First and foremost, Kyoot is closing! While this makes me extremely sad because I do love and have ALOT of their stuff, it has a silver lining. What does every going-out-of-business company do? Have a sale!! Thats right ladies, everything is 50Ls right now! I don’t know when it will be closed down for good, but I suggest getting there quick and in a hurry. Also I wanted to point out the cute shorts! They are from a little store, but I have a feeling that its going to grow and fill up quickly!


Hair: Maitreya – Siobhan – Mesh

Skin: {.essences.} – Wednesday (@ TDR)

Shirt: Kyoot – Lacey Little Top

Shorts: *VinCue~ – Roully Rolled shorts

Shoes: Slink– Women’s Natural Barefeet

Necklace: MG – Anukaa Beads & Ethiopian Cross

Bracelet: MIEL – Cue Set

Poses: :: Focus Poses :: – Model 121

Dictation anyone?

This dress makes me wonder if Monica Lewinsky ever came to work in animal print.. and if that might have started the whole “alleged” affair. Cause I could picture it in this dress. But then again, most love affairs in my mind are set back in the 70’s and 80’s ( even though yes.. the affair I referred to didn’t happen until 1995 or 1996). Come on now, if someone hit you with the line, “Do you have any dictation for me today Mr. President? You seem to be fairly bursting at the seams with it.” you would not at ALL be inclined to bend him/her over the desk and work out some kind of message. I think NOT!


Hair: >TRUTH< – Cyanne

Skin: {.essences.} – Wednesday (@ TDR)

Dress: ::Fe Style:: – Savage Dress

Shoes: [whatever] CG Spikes (@SLFW)

Bracelet: [EY:NO] – Watch & Leaf

Nails: [MANDALA] – Nail palette 1

Earrings: Zaara – Anjami

Lipstick: L.Fauna – 2.0 Lipstick Pastel

Poses: :: Focus Poses :: – Model 120

Lights, Camera, Action!

Its all about the boobs. Well at least in this post it is! Either way, this new top from American Bazaar is alllll about the titties!


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ – Valerie – Mesh

Skin: {.essences.} – Aria – Balanced (Gacha Machine)

Top: [AMERICAN BAZAAR] – Love Lace Top

Shoes: Slink – Tall leather Thigh Boots

Bangle(s) : MG – Athena
Ramona 77 Leather Studded

Necklace: Cute Poison – Posture Collar Cross (@ SL Fashion Week)

Tattoo: -UtophiaH- Better Off Without You

Skirt: *BOOM* Verie Mini Skirt

Poses: :: Focus Poses :: – Mesh Box

I Slap You!

NO TOUCHIE! At least thats what this picture is what I am assuming my avi is telling my SL brother’s avi. Incest isn’t cool guys, NO MEANS NO! Hahahaha, just kidding its awesome… But seriously, I saw this pose from nani and just had to have it! Except maybe it should be the guys doing that to girls cause lets face it, we out number them greatly and there is always someone after someone’s man. That is why you have to stay on top with the newness going on in SL! Like these glasses from Pretty Liar and the top from American Bazaar! Plus these bootilicious jeans from TokiD, which are ass-grabbing amazing!



Shirt: [nn] – colorpack I -black/white/grey (male/unisex)

Pants: Balkanik– FEMALE(BOX) BAGGYSLIM_Blackskull

Shoes: .:EC:. – ABL Army Boots [Basic]

Facial Hair: Kutz – Unorthodox Full beard freaked

Hair Base: Kutz – UNORTHODOX Natural Curls Side Part Blonde

Tattoo: ..:Freaks&Geeks:.. – Gold Rush HD Tattoos


Hair: *~* Damselfly*~* – Caridee

Skin: {.essences.} – Aria – Balanced (Gacha Machine)

Top: [AMERICAN BAZAAR] – Any Top – Mesh

Shoes: UBU – Pornstar Lo-Tops

Earring: MONS – Lighting Earrings (@TDR)

Necklace: Cute Poison – Deathstone Necklace (@TBM)

Tattoo: -UtophiaH- Music Is the Medicine of Breaking Heart

Jeans: Toki-Doki – Solo Jeans

Ring: [EY:NO] – Filigran Ring

Glasses: [Pretty Liar] – Girly Nerd Glasses

Poses: :: Focus Poses :: – Model 110

Couple Pose: Nani – Back Off

Who wants a Piece?

Sometimes you just want a little challenge, turning something into what the creator might not have intended for a piece of clothing. Well this dress was that for me! I loved it’s cute and somewhat pure look and wanted to see if i could make it just a tiny bit dirty! And the new Dela hair just complimented it perfectly! Also Fri.Day is having a retirement sale so come get it before she changes up the store COMPLETELY! I can’t wait to see what she does next!!


Hair: =DeLa*= – Vanessa – Mesh “NEW”

Skin: {.essences.} – Aria – Balanced (Gacha Machine)

Dress: :FANATIK: – Tweed Dress with Belt – Mesh

Shoes: [ whatever ] CG – Marlly Special

Earring: [MANDALA] – Tukemono

Necklace: [ glow ] – Amelie Silver

Jacket: – Tourist jacket  (50% Sale)

Ring: :FANATIK: – Bad Girl Rings

Glasses: (Elate!) – Olivia Glasses (FLF)

Poses: PURPLE Poses – 477

Should’ve Kissed You

Yeah, I’d kiss me too in this dress… And you haven’t even seen the back! This little looker is from Demise Of Flight!


Hair: >TRUTH< – Sassy – Mesh

Skin: {.essences.} – Aria – Balanced (Gacha Machine)

Lashes: *REDGRAVE* – Luscious

Dress: Demise Of Flight – Baroque Mini Dress

Shoes: :FANATIK: – Pumps with spikes (@FaMESHed)


Bracelet/Necklace: [MANDALA] -Pearl Rain

Single Pose: Demise Of Flight – High Maintenance

Chair: ..::NN::.. – Heart Chair

Ass Like That

Originally, there was going to be three pictures for this blog.. But one full frontal picture (mine) didn’t come out right so we are SLACKING today! Its still a post though!! And more importantly, its a post for ass cancer. No, just kidding.. its not for ass cancer, I’m not all that sure you can get ass cancer. This post is actually for the pose from Nani Poses! Plus that was what Deceiiver did when he first met me, slap me on the ass. Apparently that counts as a “Hi there, how are you? Lets be friends.” where he is from. Also, the couch is from this amazing completely mesh furniture store called Apple Fall along with the skybox we are in too. Its the first affordable mesh furniture store I have found! Plus the creator is a really nice and down to earth guy that was incredibly helpful when I had a problem with something I bought there. He is also having a 50% off Sale that I don’t know when it will end sooo go NOW! DON’T EVEN FINISH READING THIS!! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! seriously guys… just go. Now. On the hop.


On Him:

Hair: dura – 39!

Skin: kento – Preston t1

Jacket: Entente – Gaston jacket and shirt

Piercing: .Pekka. – Hypnotic

Teeth: Cheerno – Mod 1

Rings and ears: [MANDALA]

Shoes: 2real – Low cuttlerz

Nails: Mstyle – Perfect male nails

Jeans: Ronsem – straight jeans

On Me:
Hair: [elikatria] – Only “NEW”

Skin: {.essences.} – Aria – Balanced (Gacha Machine)

Lashes: *REDGRAVE* – Luscious

Shirt: [Cynful] – Opportunity Combi Dress – top only

Shoes: UBU – pornstar Lo-tops

Shorts: [ SAKIDE ] – Cutoff shorts

Bracelet: *BLITZED* – Chorus Bracelet

Tattoo: .Pekka. – I’m Not Weird

Couple’s Pose: nani – Deprived

My Kind Of Love

Its weird how some people might not be in your life anymore but you still hope and pray for the best for them.. Your heart never fully lets go either. But I think that is a good thing because it teaches you how big your heart is. I guess that is what happens when you have so many memories with someone. Your heart might move on but there is always a soft spot, some people may confuse this for weakness but in my opinion it takes great inner strength to be to acknowledge this but still keep it in its place. Anyways, thats my rant for this post! Oh also, new round at FaMESHed and at The Dressing Room. This song at the end sums it up basically.


Hair: =DeLa*= – Lana – Mesh

Skin: {.essences.} – Aria – Balanced (Gacha Machine)

Lashes: *REDGRAVE* – Luscious

Shirt: [MAGIC NOOK] – Afternoon Sweater (@ TDR)

Shoes: [N] – Moccasins – N/A

Shorts: {mon tissu} – Cuffed Denim Shorts

Tattoo: .Pekka. – I’m Not Weird

Necklace: MG – Anukaa Beads & Ethiopian Cross (@ FaMESHed)

Guitar: LISP – Kumbyargh Guitar

Chair: Zigana – Lazy Chair – Buttercup (@ The Arcade)