As everyone knows, the arcade is open and has some AWESOME cuteness this round that people have been going bat shit crazy for. I went crazy too but only for a few things! I have the complete collection of the teacup pigs from !Ohmai that I LOVE! Plus I fought for the entire collection from -tb-, Vanity. But in this picture, I am featuring the amazing headband from Tee*fy that my bestie GAVE me for my birthday cause she is awesome like that! Oh yeah, I had a birthday yesterday! I am now the ripe old age of 24! Woot! But enough about me and on to the blog!


Skin: [.essences.] – opera – Sunkissed

Hair: Clawtooth – That pretty lady prize 1 (@ The Arcade)

Romper: Beusy – Mustard rompa (@ Soho sample sale)

Headband: Tee*fy – Feather Crown Headband (@ The Arcade)

Necklace: ::je suis:: – Enchainee Necklace (@PW)

Bracelet:/ erratic/ – Owl Bracelet

Tattoo: Your Cocain – Sun&Heart (@Fi* Friday)


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