Red Hood Hunter

I have even more goodies from the Enchantment event! If you guys can’t tell, I am loving the theme concept and just going a little crazy with it. I am also adding a little furniture to this post from a store I’ve never heard of but I was massively impressed with the quality they are putting into their products, specifically the furniture! I am talking about Kalopsia of course! Please go check out their main store location as well.


Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah Skin – Pure

Hair: little bones. – Black Mirror

Bra: [Cynful] – Deliciosa – Black

Corset: ~Sassy!~ – Drama set (@Lubbly Jubblies)

Shoes: Kalopsia – Red Hiding Hood (@Enchantment)

Tattoo: .ARISE. – Lust (@Fi* Friday)

Mask: Kalopsia – Wolf Mask (@Enchantment)


Chair: Kalopsia – Red Riding Hood Chair (@Enchantment)

Papers: Zigana – With Love

Hutch: Pilot – Heirloom Hutch (@Collabor88)

House: Trompe Loeil – Willoughby Lakehouse (@Collabor88)

Too Cute!

This blog post has been in the works for a while now and by a while.. I mean a LONG ASS TIME. Morgynn had to hunt me down to get this done which is crazy because I fangirled so bad when she asked if I would be interested in doing a blog post with her!! Either way, its here and it is amazing! Of course she did the pictures as you can tell by the professionalism that she is with her posts. For her blog and style info, click here!!

More newness from the event coming soon, Enchantment, that I told you about in the previous blog. Wait until February 1st to go there though because the LM attached won’t work otherwise. The bit from Enchantment are these freakin’ adorable heels from Mango Cheeks! Seriously, if you haven’t been to this store… Do it now. Get the cat that sits on your head when you go too, its adorable!

There is also a new hunt starting on the first too, Jack or Jill hunt. This sweater is from that hunt, made by the talented Hannah at Forever Young! Not in the hunt, but equally as cute are these cupcake crowns from Pretty Liar!


Morg & Me

Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah Skin – Pure

Hair: (Chemistry) – Vines

Shirt: :FY: – Sacriledge Sweatshirt (@Jack or Jill Hunt) Feb 1st

Skirt: *League* – Nyx Skirt

Shoes: {Mango Cheeks} – Storybrooke Heels (@Enchantment)

Tattoo: Vestigium – Fairytale

Crown: [PL] – Cupcake Crowns

The Huntsman

A new event is coming and it is all about the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Completely adorable and for SL, original which is hard to do in here! I am going to be sending the LM out to you in this post but the event doesn’t open until February 1st. Please don’t try to use the LM until then, you won’t be able to get in and most of the designers haven’t put everything up yet even.

With that in mind, I LOVE THE THINGS I WAS ABLE TO SNAG!! These adorable boots from and this cute sweater from Beetlebone were set off perfectly with these poses from Elephante and Captivity Co.

For Greg’s info click here!



Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah Skin – Pure

Hair: Exile – Quiet Afterthought

Dress: *REIGN. – Dolly Dress (@TAS)

Shoes: – Hunter Boots (@Enchantment)

Tights: .PANIK. – Rock Socks (@TAS)

Garter: *MUKA* – Garter Love (@TAS)

Sweater: ::BB:: – Little Red Hoodie Sweater (@Enchantment)

Pose: //elephante poses// – Little Red (@Enchantment)

Couples Pose: Captivity Co.  – Red Hood (@Enchantment)

Just A Little Funky

I know it has been a few days since my last post but this weekend in the real life game was kind of crazy! Family came and we adopted a 10 year old dog named Leonard… after a whole weekend of him not answering to that name, we changed it to Max cause he looks like one! I might be uploading some pictures of him to Flickr shortly too.

But enough about the real life stuff, lets get to the goodies from SL! Like this hair from little bone that I really like because it seems that side braids are all over SL but no one has bangs with them until now! Also the tutu from Suicide Unborn… I just felt like a tutu and for those of you that don’t know about SU, nothing bad ever comes out of this store. The tutu is cute and a touch on the whimsical side so of course I had to pair it with the very hip hop shoes that came out of FLite for Project Limited. Sadly for you guys, it is no longer available… But now you know to join the group so you have a heads up or even just add him on Flickr! Funnily enough this whole outfit started with the Foook YOU! hat from Forever Young. The things that come out of that store are always fresh and new, I really like how Hannah can diversify and switch things up!


Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah Skin – Pure

Hair: little bone. – Marmalade

Top: Pr!ck – Demboo – HangoBa

Skirt: -SU!- – Tutu Skirt

Tattoo: .ARISE. – Lust (@Fi* Friday)

Shoes: FLite. – Navigators Studded Edition (N/A)

Hat: :FY: – Assorted caps – Foook You!

Knee Tights: -UtopiaH- My Dirty Rich Knee (@Project Limited)

Pose 1 : .[posetivity]. – Holland (@Fi* Friday)

Pose 2: ::Focus Poses:: -Model 109

Splash Some Color

I decided to try something a little new with my pictures, hopefully this turns out to be a good thing! Also I am trying to blog some things that aren’t all about the tangos because its good to go outside of your comfort zone once in a while. That and I just really liked the jacket! And of course the jacket made the perfect excuse to get new shoes! I have shopping issues…


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia

Hair: little bones. – Neon Bible (@Hipster Fair)

Top: Beusy– Blanco Crop Top

Skirt: .:villena:. – Skater Skirt

Tights: SOURIRES – Color Winter Tights (@Bodify)

Jacket: Ricielli – Leather Coat (@TDRF)

Shoes: CandyDoll – Loon Boots

Hair Clip: [PL] -Candy Bows

Piercing: Cute Poison – Hush (@ Project Limited)

Pose 1 : Focus Poses – Model 124

Pose 2: //Elephante// – Dolly

Beep Beep

This awesome picture is brought to you by Mariah!! She did the picture, thats why it looks professional and stuff. We decided to be hipsters because of the fair going on right now! Here is the link to mom’s blog.


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia

Hair: little bone. – Bullfighter (@Hipster Fair)

Top: Beusy– Sassy Set Mesh Crop top

Jeans: *VinCue – Poppy Shorts (@Hipster Fair)

Bracelet: (Kunglers) – #031 (@TDRF)

Shoes:+Half-Deer+ – Obel Sneakers – little hearts (@Chapter 4)

Headband: Beusy – Spiked Headband

Press Up On Me

I just reeeeeally love this pose from purple poses! Or maybe its getting the boyfriend to do the pose with me? Either way, its a win in my book! Plus this cute jeans from Cynful and this cardi/shirt combo that is at the last round of Collabor88 and the hair from Chemistry…and the shoes from Flite. Ok maybe I just like the whole thing! Hopefully you can find something you like out of this post too! By the way, the shirt is texture change with 12 different prints to pick from!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: (Chemistry) – Sirena

Top: [AUX] – Loose Cardi & Top

Jeans: [Cynful] – Skinny Jeans (Old TDRF Item now available in current events section)

Facial Piercings: Cute Poison – Hush (@ Project Limited)

Shoes:FLite. – Aviators Miner Studded (@Project Limited)

Helmet: [The Forge] – Green ULTRA RARE (@OMGacha)

Tattoo: Chary – Came to Fly

Pose 1: ::Focus Poses:: – Model 115

Pose 2: Purple Poses – couple 201


This post is probably going to frustrate a few people if they didn’t already know about Project Limited because the majority of the items in this post are from this event. There were alot of designers out there for this, and they all had lovely things. But there were only a handful of stores I was determined to have the items from and they are all in this blog post! I am sorry that it took me so long to get this post out but I did warn you about this event in my last post! That being said, I am in love with the hair from Milk…again. I don’t know what is in Ms. Kattington’s water but she just keeps tossing out one amazing hair after another!

Reign is doing basically the same thing, because I ended up buying up at least 10 pairs of her shoes. I don’t normally go crazy over shoes, but these were just awesome… I can’t even begin to explain how much I love these shoes!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: Milk – Lorde (@ Project Limited)

Dress: {SV} – Crystal Tube Dress (@Bodify)

Facial Piercings: Cute Poison – Hush (@ Project Limited)

Leg Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Crucifixum

Shoes: REIGN – Buckled Pumps – Gold Buckle (@Project limited)

Foot Tattoo: {PixelGeek} – Monster 2

Shoulder Pads: Chary – Ares Guards (@Project Limited)

Gloves: -UtopiaH- My Symbolic Gloves – Plain (@ Project Limited)

Pose 1: {pose maniacs} – Dada 6


So if you guys didn’t already know, there is an event going on called Project Limited. The name should speak for itself but to clarify, the event is full of products by some of SL’s up and coming designers and some well known brands that have made items that will only be sold there and only so many copies of it. In a virtual world were everyone is struggling to be “Unique” this is a great opportunity to be just that. Well, you and the other 149 people that bought that item also.

Unfortunately, I am slacking a bit and meant to post this post yesterday so nothing from the Project Limited is actually IN this post. Ironic? Not if you knew me… This is really to just inform you of the event, I will be doing a post later that has items I bought, like the Milk hair Lorde that I am kiiinda crazy over, just as bad as I was over the mermaid hair. I have a hair obsession, don’t judge.. it’s real and its scary.

This post will though give you a lovely little preview of a new and coming hair store Little Bones! It has cute and trendy hairs that lend themselves to the hipster look very well but come in fun colors if you have the guts to sport something a little funky and fun! Also I was recently added to the Cynful blogger’s group which is HUGE for me. I’ve been buying from the talented Cynthia Ultsch for years and years!! So of course I have to show off her cute boob-enhanced furry vest!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: little bones. – Avalon – Browns

Shirt: [Cynful] + Lil’lace – Fureal Vest

Skirt: Tee*fy – Emily Mini Flare skirt

Facial Piercings: .Pekka. – Cutuful

Tights: Izzie’s – Heart Tights (@ TDRF)

Shoes: *CASHMERE* – Dastard Boots (@ Kustom9)

Bracelet: SYL – Maxi Stud Bracelet – Rosegold

Ring 1: [ glow ] Studio – I’ll Rock you (@TDRF)

Ring 2: PMS- Skeleton Ring – grey speckled skull (@OMGacha)

Pose 1: //elephante poses// – Roxanne #5

Scary Sprites and Nice Monsters

I’ve gotten mixed reviews on this look, but I personally like it. It isn’t normal for me so I can understand the skepticism. I found the hands at Suicide Dollz and they are done by Pr!ck. I was actually a little disappointed with them because the hands are only one size and its mesh with no resize scripts in them. If you look closely you can see that they don’t fit my avatars’s arms very well. But that is really the only complaint I have for them.

I am sort of kind of in love with this hair from eep! I don’t know if its the color or the cut but its cuuuute!! Add to that the lights from LODE and it just looks cool to me. Bodify helped tremendously with the Top and the little boobie accessory as well. I just like bright colors I guess and Pretty Liar never disappoints me with this top!

Lastly, the shoes which I’ve had for a while now and had somewhat forgotten I had them. They are from my niece’s new store Mode Step. They are Eiffel Tower inspired and I haven’t seen anything like them before. But make sure you have slink’s new high feet to go with them!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: eep. – Hair 009

Hair Accessory: *LODE* – Bright Lights

Shirt: [PL] – Peek-A-Halter (@Bodify)

Pants: :FY: – Zipped Leggings

Facial Piercings: .Pekka. – Cutuful

Cleavage toy: [geek.] – DigiGeek (@Bodify)

Shoes: [Mode Step] – Eiffle Heel

Body Horns: Chary – Horizontal Body Horns

Make up: Chary – Wind Burn

Hands: Pr!ck – Octoo Black (@Suicide Dollz)

Pose: ::Focus Poses:: – Naughty Set