I am pleased to announce that my boyfriend Greg Stella has started his own store! He has boys and girls humorous shirts and tanks along with this kick ASS shirt I am wearing that says “I ❤ Daryl” but the heart is made from crossbows! WHICH IS SO DARYL! For those of you that don’t know who Daryl is, get out from under your rock and go watch Walking Dead on AMC Sundays at 9 pm Eastern.

In other newness, the Gacha Arcade FINALLY let me in. Gah, it was harder to get in there than a gay men’s choir!! But DRD had the perfect stuff to go with my Daryl shirt! Check out the rest of the post for more info.


Skin: Birdy – Delilah

Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ – Petit Hair (@ The Gacha Arcade)

Shirt: Preposterous – I Crossbow Daryl Tee

Shorts: Razor/// – baggy Cargo Faders

Shoes: Flite – Aviators Miner Studded **N/A**

Necklace: Cute Posion – Horror Necklace

Eye Make-up: [Buzz] – Essentials – Royale Liner

Sachel: DRD – Survival Sachel (@TGA)

Bracelet: DRD – Watch & Compass (@TGA)

Blade: DRD – Armblade (@TGA)

Blood: UtopiaH – The Bloodshed

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