I sheep you

Today I am bringing to you all some news! First off for those of you that don’t know about Swaggedout, its a new store on the grid with clothes for guys and girls like this shirt you will see. Jules has some awesome things coming out of it so stay tuned! Plus its on a family friendly sim with several other stores ranging from adult avi clothes and shapes to kid’s items as well!

The second thing thats new is a new event! Some people don’t really care for events but I personally love them because it has loads of new designers and only one spot to fight lag and rezzing issues. Plus the themes some of them have are fun! This event is The Ho Depot, your one stop shopping experience for all your ho needs! Ok that sounds weird but it honestly does have alot of cute things coming out and its NOT crazy ho-tastic stuff either.


Skin: Okkbye – Marina – Sunlit (@Skin Fair) **Coming Soon**

Hair: Blue Monday (@Kustom9)

Top: Swaggedout  – Madonna

Shoes: *CASHMERE* – Dastard Boots

Necklace: {PixelGeek} – Chained Hearts Collar (@WCF3)

Eyebrows: Buzzeri – Katie

Bracelet/Arm Cuff – Muka – Armbands Love (@WCF3)

Tattoo: Nana – Uncool Tattoo (@The Ho Depot) **Coming Soon**

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