Invite to blog?

Even though my blog is little and its been a long road, I’m still learning and trying to grow as a blogger as well as learn new techniques for pictures… I’ve reached the 15,000 view mark! In light of that I want to try to include some of the people that follow my blog in some posts for the month of May! I stole this idea from the amazing Morgynn Hancroft. So if you read this bit here and would like to be on the blog, please message me Grace Adamski. I hope to hear from you all! Not to sure how well this will go or if people will want to do that or read this at all, but here is hoping!
Even though I was called Ghetto in this outfit by my bestie…I still love it. This new hair from Little bones is UH-MAZIN’, Reign shoes never disappoint and Cynful has done an amazing job with their skinny jeans for the birthday of The Dressing Room Fusion! Plus a new store has hit the grid, Dirty Stories! They were only on MP until recently but they’ve expanded and are producing adorable accessories right now with clothing coming soon!
The Monochromatic fair is still going on as well and Suicidal Unborn has made some adorable tops and skirts for it! But then again, when do they not make quality items?
And as I sit here typing all of this up, I have the boyfriend and the bestie in my ears, making farting noises… Doesn’t get much better/worse than this! Until they mock my typing being so loud.


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair:Little bones – Moon Child

Top: -SU!- – Anette top (@Monochromatic Fair)

Pants: [Cynful] – SKinny Jeans (@The Dressing Room Fusion)

Shoes: *REIGN. – Sovereign Wedges

Bracelet: {Indyra} – Mackenna Bangle Stack Set

Necklace: [MANDALA] – Taiga (@TMD)

Headband: – Dirty Stories – Loveable Headchain

Sunglasses: [Zoom] – Monochromatic Sunglasses (@Monochromatic Fair)

Tattoo: Vestigium – Foo Tattoo

Pose://elephante Poses// – For the First Time (@ Pose Fair)

Beaches and Hoes

This post was actually just really great timing because today is the 5 month mark for Greg and I. And yes, this post might get a bit mushy. I was very lucky 5 months ago today when Greg broke down and made it official. We had been talking for about a week or so, trying to take it slow but I was going to be away that weekend for family obligations and I was kind of crazy nervous that I’d come back to find some other girl had figured out how amazing Greg is. I know, paranoid… But at least I am aware of what I had even back then! Anyways, the main point is I am so incredibly thankful for all of the crap Greg puts up with for me! Like this picture which we had every issue under the sun with, which is why we had to retake some shots a few times with appliers not working and there being no clouds in the shot so I asked him to do it again and then having to wait for some damn SL clouds to float by! Ironically, I don’t think you can really even see the clouds in any of the pictures except in Greg’s single shot.
For Greg’s info, click here!

The Beach Blog Post

Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair: +Spellbound+ – Journey

Dress: ~Sassy!~ – Thinking of You (@ Bodify)

Belt: =Zenith= – Choco Leather Waist bag

Shoes: *REIGN. – Smitten Sandals (@TBS)

Necklace: *League* – Beaded Necklace- Aqua

Piercing: Cute Poison – Genera

Pose: [Focus Poses] – Model 131

Start Your Engines

Its a whole new line coming out at Moda, The Addiction Line! There is also some really hot, corset style shoes coming out too!! I’m hoping to have that blog post out for you soon as well. And Reign shoes… Its not new ones, but I love them just the same. As well as Spellbound, a new hairstore thats not really new, but new to me cause every time I have the money to go get hair from there, I forgot.

There is also a new Gacha coming out called “OH! Like Blah blah blaaahhh” which doesn’t start until tomorrow, but I have included the LM with this post. Please be responsible and don’t try to get in until its open! PMS is taking part in this event and I don’t know if you remember the rings they did before for a gacha event, but they are doing it again AND MORE! With caps included this time.


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair: +Spellbound+ – Medusa

Top: [MODA] – Addiction Belted Corset

Necklace: *BOOM* – Precious Bow Choker

Pants: [LF] – Smexy High Waist Pants (@TBS)

Tattoo: Elska – Sky’s the Limit

Ring: PMS – Steampunk/Punk RIng (@ Oh! Like Blah gotta Gatcha Event)

Shoes: *REIGN. – Stricken Pumps

Cuff: *MUKA* – Cuff Love

Piercing: :Diamante: – Trilogy Mouth Piercing [edited some to fit]

Pose: ::Focus Poses:: – Model 121

Pose2: Captivity Co. – Naiya 5

Spring Has Sprung!

First off, some info for the ladies that might not know. Analog Dog is having a hair sale! There aren’t a whole lot of things for sale, but it is marked which ones are. The board itself will be either pink or blue I believe! Get it while the getting is good!
Also on a personal level, my day was made today by a lady that IM’d me about a hair I had blogged. I don’t think in all of the time I’ve been blogging, that I have ever been IM’d by someone who looks at my blog other than friends and such. It just really made my day and encouraged me, thank you Suki! ❤
Now, onto the stuffs!


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair: Analog Dog – Ging **SALE**

Jacket: [Cynful] – Spring Hoodie (@Monochromatic Fair)

Necklace: [Buzz] – Spring Flowers Choker (@The Season Story)

Dress: *MC* – Empire Maxi Dress – TieDye Bluegreen (@ Monochromatic Fair)

Bangles: *MC* – Alma Bangle Set – Turquoise Silver (@Monochromatic Fair)

Piercing: :Diamante: – Trilogy Mouth Piercing [edited some to fit]

Pose: ::Focus Poses:: – Model 131

Monochromatic Fair

This post is a bit early considering the fair doesn’t open until tomorrow, but I figured I would give you a heads up! It opens around 1pm slt and you can click here to see the full information about the fair and who all is there. This fair runs from the 18th of April to May 4th!

It’s also a new round for Bodify so its time to get your mesh ass down there and BUY THINGS like this sexy smudged lipstick from Zombie Suicide! Also don’t forget about these adorable shoes from thats out at Cutie Moon! All of this wouldn’t have come together without help from a friend though that went and actually BOUGHT me the necklace from Aisling because I couldn’t find it at all! Thank you!!


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair: Truth – Alison

Flower: Chemistry – Tamora- add on

Piercing: Cute Poison – Ova (@ 100 Block)

Lipstick: Zombie Suicide – Lip Smudges (@Bodify)

Necklace: .aisling. – LadyofHighGarden – Rare Black

Dress: [NV] – Sasha Dress ( @ Monochromatic Fair)

Tights: Chary – Spring Ballet Tights (@The Big Show)

Shoes: fri. – Venus Heels ( @ Cutie Moon Fair)

Eyes: [Buzz] – Faerie Eyes – Jade (@Kustom9)

Right Hand Rings: Le Primitif – Awkward Ring Set

Left hand: MG – Venus Wild Clasp

Garter: (fd) – Garter Flask

Pose: //Elephante Poses// – Dolly 5

My Demons

It is a brand new round of The Ho Depot with plenty of naughty little outfits for all your dirty girl needs! Plus this awesome hair from Lelutka that is based off Angelina Jolie’s hair in Maleficent, which is why its named Maleficent! Plus these adorable wedges from L. Warwick that come in a variety of colors, but you must have the Slink High Feet for these shoes! Also Cute Poison has done it again with this AMAZING piercing that is exclusively at 100 Block!


Skin: [The Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair: [Lelutka] – Maleficent

Face Chain: -UtopiaH- My Grisly Face Chain (@ 100 Block)

Piercing: Cute Poison – Ova (@ 100 Block)

Belt: [Cynful] – Chainbelt (@ The Big Show)

Horns: .PANIK. – Cyborg Horns

Lipstick: {Dead Apples} – Seduce Lipsticks

Top: {W&R} – Look at Me (@ The Ho Depot)

Dress: (fd) – Comet Tail Skirt

Shoes: [L.Warwick] – Miranda – High Platform Wedge – Noir

Tattoo:[E.F] – Birds of Prey (@The Ho Depot)

Pose: Pose Maniacs – Dada 6

Birds Flying High

Alright Ladies (an gents? go ahead with your FAB-U-LOUS self!) I have some things from 100 Block to show you! Now, for some reason this event doesn’t tell you when you land that they have a script count going and you get a warning 10 seconds before you get kicked… least thats what happened to me. BUT what you can do to avoid the annoyance is open up the LM I’ll be giving you and click map, let that rez up and stuff and go to the land BESIDE 100 Block and use those cam skills!! There really are some great things there, designers worked hard on.. It isn’t their fault that the person that set this all up didn’t have two marbles rolling around in their head to at least get some friction and maybe spark an idea on how SL avatars are a plethora of lag and MIGHT need a warning about that script counter. ANYWAYS, sorry I was fairly peeved about that but I’m sure you couldn’t tell, right?


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair:Little Bones. – blue Velvet (@100 Block)

Headband: D2K – Take Flight (@Ho Dept)

Top: {dolle*} – Ripped Crop Cami

Panties: SwaggedOut Femme – Super Hero Undies (@ 100 Block)

Socks: Reign – Ballet Warmers

Tattoo:SOURIRES – Kathy (@Suicide Dollz)

Pose: //elephante Poses// – Spring (@ 100 Block)

Post 200!!

I have had this blog post coming for about 2 days now and the reason it took me this long to get it done? I couldn’t get into collabor88 at first. I saw the shirt on a friend’s blog and had to have it for this post but collabor88 wasn’t open at first and then I couldn’t get in! But such is life and all that jazz.

By the way,  you are never as white as you think you are until you wear a captain’s hat into a ghetto club. Oh the jokes that fly around! But I still loved the hat and really wanted to do a post with it, then Moda came out with these boots which were perfect and it all just came together!


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair:Little Bones. – Ministry

Top: tb- Oversized Tank (@Collabor88)

Shorts: Illmatic – Vintage Waist Highs

Eye Patch: .Shi – Patch Mechanics 3.1 *Old Gacha Item*

Boots:MODA – Talah Boots & Hud

Tattoo:SOURIRES – Kathy (@Suicide Dollz)

Hat: Deadwool – Revolution hat (@Chapter 4)

Bracelet: :FANATIK: – Tyrolia Vintage Bangle

Pantyhose – Lolita – Ripped Pantyhose

Pose: Focus Poses – Model 131


Just A Little Smokey

Finally home from a camping trip that wasn’t so much camping as cabining. But it was still good and I definitely got a little work out! But while I was gone, SL keeps chugging along as well as the designers in it!! Newness from that amazing woman Nova and her Little Bones store! I feel so very lucky to be in her blogger group. For this hair though, you will have to go to chapter 4!
Plus The Big Show has tons of new stuff like this skirt from Lolita that is adorable!


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair:Little Bones. – Take Everything (@chapter 4)

Top: // offbeat// – crop tee – Heart smile (@chapter 4)

Skirt: Lolita – Straped Skirt – Marin (@TBS)

Glasses: NS – Uncomplicated Outfit

Boots: NS– Uncomplicated Outfit

Tattoo:PMS – Birds of a Feather

Piercings: Cute Poison – Crave (@Krave)

Cigarette- [NikotiN] – Rolled

Pose: Focus Poses – Model 131 – #8

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Yeah that title.. eh, blame Morg cause she said I looked “80’s friendly”. But I have to give her all the credit for the kick ass picture… What I wouldn’t give for your graphics card woman! She is the hot red head on the left and for her style info, click here!

Anyways, I know I have been slacking with the blogging lately and I am sorry about that. It was a rather rough weekend this past weekend… Loss is never easy and no matter how much you think you are prepared to say goodbye, you aren’t.



Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana – Honey

Hair:>Truth< – Lagertha

Top: *BOOM* – My Milkshake

Skirt: SU! – Galiah Skirt

Jacket: [Cynful] – Cropped Denim Jacket (@100 Block) **Coming soon**

Leggings: :FY: – Zipped Leggings

Tattoo:PMS – Birds of a Feather

Heels: [MODA] -Chasidy Platform Heels *Slink High feet required*
(@ sidewalk sale)

Necklace: MG – Paris Black Diamond *Old With love Fair Item*