Birds Flying High

Alright Ladies (an gents? go ahead with your FAB-U-LOUS self!) I have some things from 100 Block to show you! Now, for some reason this event doesn’t tell you when you land that they have a script count going and you get a warning 10 seconds before you get kicked… least thats what happened to me. BUT what you can do to avoid the annoyance is open up the LM I’ll be giving you and click map, let that rez up and stuff and go to the land BESIDE 100 Block and use those cam skills!! There really are some great things there, designers worked hard on.. It isn’t their fault that the person that set this all up didn’t have two marbles rolling around in their head to at least get some friction and maybe spark an idea on how SL avatars are a plethora of lag and MIGHT need a warning about that script counter. ANYWAYS, sorry I was fairly peeved about that but I’m sure you couldn’t tell, right?


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair:Little Bones. – blue Velvet (@100 Block)

Headband: D2K – Take Flight (@Ho Dept)

Top: {dolle*} – Ripped Crop Cami

Panties: SwaggedOut Femme – Super Hero Undies (@ 100 Block)

Socks: Reign – Ballet Warmers

Tattoo:SOURIRES – Kathy (@Suicide Dollz)

Pose: //elephante Poses// – Spring (@ 100 Block)

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