Beaches and Hoes

This post was actually just really great timing because today is the 5 month mark for Greg and I. And yes, this post might get a bit mushy. I was very lucky 5 months ago today when Greg broke down and made it official. We had been talking for about a week or so, trying to take it slow but I was going to be away that weekend for family obligations and I was kind of crazy nervous that I’d come back to find some other girl had figured out how amazing Greg is. I know, paranoid… But at least I am aware of what I had even back then! Anyways, the main point is I am so incredibly thankful for all of the crap Greg puts up with for me! Like this picture which we had every issue under the sun with, which is why we had to retake some shots a few times with appliers not working and there being no clouds in the shot so I asked him to do it again and then having to wait for some damn SL clouds to float by! Ironically, I don’t think you can really even see the clouds in any of the pictures except in Greg’s single shot.
For Greg’s info, click here!

The Beach Blog Post

Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Hair: +Spellbound+ – Journey

Dress: ~Sassy!~ – Thinking of You (@ Bodify)

Belt: =Zenith= – Choco Leather Waist bag

Shoes: *REIGN. – Smitten Sandals (@TBS)

Necklace: *League* – Beaded Necklace- Aqua

Piercing: Cute Poison – Genera

Pose: [Focus Poses] – Model 131

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