This is just going to be a short and sweet post. Elikatira is having a rez day sale for 9 years on the grid! Everything is 99L until August 22nd so get your ass there now. Also, these gladiator heels from Whatever are amazing! Picture props to Greg, thanks babe!


Skin: DeeTalez– Hanna

Hair: Elikatira – Marnie **99L  SALE**

Bodysuit – ::TI:: – Chicky Chicky Bodysuit

Shoes: [Whatever] – Gladiator Shoes

Hood/Mask: Geek – Wolf Princess (@Manga Fair)

Horns: DRD – Horns Dark

Belt: [The Forge] – Braided Belt

Hand Tape: Elegant.Flith – Hand Tape V2

Pose: Focus Poses – Model 133

Chocolate Chip Anyone?

SL decided to give me a little bit of a smack down while I was trying to do this post but I got it out anyways! Stickin’ it to the man one blog post at a time… er, yeah no. It is still a blog post though!

Anyways, I love Reign and their shoes. I recently missed the Saturday Sale and a part of my soul is shaking her fist at me and calling me a bitch. But I did manage to get their other release from The Big Show! And wouldn’t you know, Cynful has their cute little shimmy dress at The Dressing Room Fusion! So I guess it still is a little bit of a win win even though every picture with those Chevron shoes from Reign make me want to cry a little which is why I have a giant cookie with me in this post. Chocolate is suppose to be the cure all, right? Well this is a damn huge cookie and if this sucker can’t get the job down well…. I am screwed.


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana (@Skin Fair)

Hair: MOON – Paper Cuts

Dress: [Cynful]- The Shimmy Dress (@TDRF)

Shoes: REIGN – Bella Wedges (@TBS)

Crown: [PL] – Cupcake Crowns

Bracelet: [tea.s] – Link Bracelet

Tattoo: SOURIRES – Sophia (@Suicide Dollz)

Moles: Nox. – Beauty Marks [Seven]

Mouthie: [geek] – a geek’s tragedy (@OneWord)

Ring: MG – Venus Wild Clasp (@FaMeshed)

Ears: MANDALA -Stretched Ears

Pose: //elephante poses// – You can’t hold me down


Cookie: MishMish – Foodie Cookie (@Gacha Arcade)

Light Ladder: Second Spaces – You Light Up My Ladder

So High

I am actually about to head out the door to fix the RL me up with a new hair cut but I thought I would drop this on you guys first! The With Love Fair is on its last few days so get there now before it closes up for good and all the exclusives are gone!

PLUS this cute lingerie set from Pretty Liar thats out at the Thrift Shop, get it before its gone!!


Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah

Hair: Little bones. – Kiss Land

Top/Panties: [PL] – Ava Lingerie (@TTS)

Stockings: {PixelGeek} – Luv Over Knee Socks

Necklace: .Pekka. – Ribbon Heart Collar

Headband: [geek.] – Comic Headband – Ka-blam (@With Love Fair)

Glasses: BALACLAVA!! – Kip Glasses

Pose: //elephante poses// – odette #1 (@ The Surreal Complex “Fairytales”)


Bed: [ARIA] – Adelaide bed -PG-

Books: floorplan. – book clutter

One Book: Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Butterfly

Backboard: 7 – Heart Painted Door

Lights: {What Next} – Light Strings Style 1 (INSIDE)

Cork-board: [Commoner] – (P)in Love / World Map

Love Sign: Scarlet Creative – Love Letters Sign

Hanging Dress: Lark – Crawford Wall Hook & Slip

Pour It Up

This is probably as close to kawaii as I will get but Greg still called me bubblegum. Men. I still like this look though and that is thanks to MODA’s amazing jacket! This thing has a texture change hud that basically lets you all but design the jacket yourself! And Cynful has all these pretty colorful jeans for my big phat azz to choose from at the thrift shop! The landmark isn’t available right now because it doesn’t open until the 7th. But you can get these cuuuute goggles from Geek!


Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah Skin – Pure

Hair: Magika – awake

Jacket/top: =MODA= – Sheena Leather Jacket & Tube Top w/ Hud

Goggles: [geek.] – Best Fort EVER – Snowbunny

Jeans: [Cynful] – Eve Britches – Pink (@The Thrift Shop)

Shoes: *Reign. – Buckled Pumps

Tattoo: {PixelGeek} – Monster Tattoo

Necklace: MG – Candy Love Heart

Pose: ::Focus Poses:: – model 120

Scary Sprites and Nice Monsters

I’ve gotten mixed reviews on this look, but I personally like it. It isn’t normal for me so I can understand the skepticism. I found the hands at Suicide Dollz and they are done by Pr!ck. I was actually a little disappointed with them because the hands are only one size and its mesh with no resize scripts in them. If you look closely you can see that they don’t fit my avatars’s arms very well. But that is really the only complaint I have for them.

I am sort of kind of in love with this hair from eep! I don’t know if its the color or the cut but its cuuuute!! Add to that the lights from LODE and it just looks cool to me. Bodify helped tremendously with the Top and the little boobie accessory as well. I just like bright colors I guess and Pretty Liar never disappoints me with this top!

Lastly, the shoes which I’ve had for a while now and had somewhat forgotten I had them. They are from my niece’s new store Mode Step. They are Eiffel Tower inspired and I haven’t seen anything like them before. But make sure you have slink’s new high feet to go with them!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: eep. – Hair 009

Hair Accessory: *LODE* – Bright Lights

Shirt: [PL] – Peek-A-Halter (@Bodify)

Pants: :FY: – Zipped Leggings

Facial Piercings: .Pekka. – Cutuful

Cleavage toy: [geek.] – DigiGeek (@Bodify)

Shoes: [Mode Step] – Eiffle Heel

Body Horns: Chary – Horizontal Body Horns

Make up: Chary – Wind Burn

Hands: Pr!ck – Octoo Black (@Suicide Dollz)

Pose: ::Focus Poses:: – Naughty Set

The Monster

Guess what? I pulled my SL brother, Traviee aka BOSEPHUS, and we did a blog post!!Then I kicked his butt at parcheesi afterwards, good times. Our styles are a little different from each others but isn’t variety the spice of life or something like that? Speaking of variety, its a new round at Silicone and The Azz Show so make sure you drop by and check it out! On to the clothing. For his credits, click here!


Skin: . Birdy. – Delilah Skin -pure

Hair: [geek.] – Gamer Leftovers (@OMGACHA)

Shorts: :FY: – Sporty Shorts (@TAS)

Shirt: !Lilicious – Batgirl (@Silicone)

Shoes: <TheAbyss> – Stompers

Hip Piercings: Cute Poison – Hip Accent Piercings

Earrings: :FY: – Knuckle earrings

Bracelet: MG – Ramona 77 leather Studded

Knee Brace: -UtopiaH- My Bored Knee

Pose : Purple Poses

How To Save A Life

I don’t know whats going on with me lately and horns but I figured i’d go full goat look with these cute little digi hooves from Epic! In my opinion I think it looks Baaaaaah ass! Yeah, I went there and no I have no shame. Plus the ass-tastic pants that Forever Young is putting out at SL Fashion Week makes it true.


Skin: . Birdy. – Delilah Skin -pure

Hair: [Magika] – Plenty

Shirt: -SU!- Tess Tank Top – Blue

Pants: :FY: Sassy Pants (@SLFW)

Shoes: *Epic* – Slouchie Digi Warmers (@TAS)

Tattoo: Chary – Fades (@TAS)

Horns: Tabou Irresistible – Brown White Horn Belted (@OMGacha)

Garter: [geek.] – Abbiekins Garter

Collar: .Pekka. – Spiked Collar

Pose: Focus Poses: Model 124