New Love

It is true.. I have a new love. This new love completes me in ways no other love has! Of course, totally talking about the new Wowmeh body! I said I would do a blog post about it for a long time and now I have finally gotten around to it.  No more jaunty bits on legs, elbows and torso, just smooth fitted mesh body. I’ll be honest about it though, it is a little tricky to get the hips and back part right, but everyone that has taken their time for the cute azz or phat azz should already know all the slider magic for that area. But the thing that separates this body from the azzes is the fact that its FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE. I was pushed into getting it when it first came out, thanks to Greg and I am so happy I did!
As far as negatives go for this body, the only thing that is a draw back is the amount of layers you can have, but its the same as the Azz really. You have a skinny layer (for tattoos) and a loose layer (for clothes). But its for the entire body so that is when you have to be creative about things and placement.
The hud itself has 5 tabs, open/close, clothes, nails, skin, tools. In the clothes tab is where you will find your alpha layers as it would appear on the avatar body, to make a part of you alpha out, click it on the avatar’s body in the hud. It is honestly a lot easier than some people realize but if you are still confused there is a NC in there that can help or you can IM me and I will be happy to help as much as I can, Grace Adamski.
As far as skin stores that I know have made or will be making appliers for this; Skinnery, TSG, Deetalez, Wow Skins, and sometime this week Pink Fuel will be too.
Some clothing stores that already have appliers are Forever Young, L’Douce Push and Static. I’m sure there are plenty of other designers that also are making appliers for it and the majority of them would be at The Big Show, The Ho Depot or Bodify. Oh and the body is now fitted better for the Slink hands and feet!


Skin: [Skinnery] – Quiana

Body: Wowmeh 3.0 with Skinnery Appliers

Hair: Moon – Cult Division (@Chapter 4)

Bodysuit: [-S-] – Nya Suit w/ Wowmeh body applier (@ The Ho Depot)

Feet: Slink – High Feet

Necklace: MG – Part-time boho Princess

Headband: Modish – Adele pearls (@Oneword)

Belt: – Wide Belt


What’s new Pussycat?

What else is new you ask? The With Love Fair has officially started so get your sweet sappy ass down there and get you some lovin’!! Plus I would like to introduce you to two stores that are new to me, NS and L.Warwick!

NS is a cute up and coming store with a little bit of a kawaii flair to it. They have come out with this cute little latex dress thats a little nice and sorta naughty with some nipple peeking!

L.Warwick is a new and amazing shoe store!! They are slink friendly so if you haven’t made the investment, right here is PLENTY of motivation!

On a slightly negative note, I went to buy the appliers for the modish skin and the appliers as you can see, don’t match.. Other than that, the skin isn’t too bad.


Skin: ::Modish:: – Pixie Skins (@With Love Fair)

Hair: >Truth< – Tyr

Dress: NS:: – Sweet Latex Dress w/ Hud

Shoes: [L.Warwick] Aurora – Platform Heels – pearl

Eyebrows: [Buzz] – Essentials- katie brows (@Kustom9)

Collar: .tsg. – Good Kitty Collar – ojou sama RARE (@Fantasy Gacha)

Paws/Ears: .tsg. – Neko Cosplay (@Fantasy Gacha)

Make up: .Oh!Liv. – Facetattoo – Miquote (@FFF)

Pose: //elephante// – Odette