Just A Dream

As most of you know, the Whore Couture has opened its doors and its time to go bankrupt there! For me, I tried intermingling the theme currently going on at Uber with Whore Couture so I guess a kind of hoochie boho look? I don’t know but I liked the end result!


Skin: Whatever – Emily

Body: Maitreya – Lara

Hair: Little Bones – Tennis Court (@Uber)

Mouth: Loud Mouth – Elena Kissy

Body Suit: Villagers – Only Bodysuit (@Whore Couture Fair)

Jacket: Foxes – Spiritualist Kimono (@N-twenty1)

Necklace: MG – Violette Cut Bead Boho (@Uber)

Ring: MG – Venetian Fortune

Heels: Reign – Devotion Heels

Pose: Purple Poses – Monica **GIFT**

The reason I come home

Just now getting to this blog post, I know I’m really late with it since Greg did his post several days before but whatcha gonna do? I got it out now? Sorry guys! Anyways, Olive is still having her 75% off sale and of course I had to go get Nara!! Olive has been going for a while now in SL and I’ve loved watching her store change and grow, she always has a silly and original take on things even before she started making hair in earnest. I really loved how Moda’s most recent released just went so amazingly with this hair too! They are ankle boots that have a half opened zipper on the side that just looks like trouble, but the good kind that lands you sexy men! Oh and lookie there, I got myself one! Greg is completely responsible for this kick ass picture and you can find his fashion right HERE.  We were kind of going for the new age vampire look, personally I think Greg captured it more with his deathly looking skin and the ears which I was wearing too but you can’t see through the hair.. And I refused to use a different hair cause Olive and I are having a love fest right now. Don’t judge it, it is pure and bright and beautiful!

The reason I come home

Skin: -Glam Affair- Skye ll Artic **Old Arcade item**

Hair: Olive – Nara ***75%OFF SALE***

Top: tag. – Bustier Mirror

Sweater: :Forever Young: – Callie (@Suicide Dollz)

Shorts: Blueberry – Chlo belted denim shorts

Shoes: MODA – Abierta Zippered Boots &Hud

Tattoo:Elska – Wildflower

Bracelet: *BOOM* – Friendship Bracelet

Pose: Purple Poses – Couple 349

The Tale of Two Piggies

So, I haven’t had internet for a little bit and thus I am behind in blogging! But I am back and ready to overwhelm your web pages! I managed to snag the bestie into doing a blog post with me which made this picture way more fun to work on! Ain’t she adorable?! By the way, she is on the left! Anyways, while I’ve been gone I’ve missed out on several new events opening and such so this will be a bit of a run down. King and Queens Fair is open and running, Chapter 4 has a new round that has AMAZING piggies from Birdy there. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for her to make piggies for a while now once she started making animals. And of course, she never disappoints no matter what she does! Skins, animals and her various other side projects! Also the Thrift Shop is back open with a new round so PLEASE do check that out! Also Luxe has some new cute little bandana clutches that are just awesome for a southern girl like myself. So much newness is going on that I hope you are keeping up!

For Rhia’s credits, click HERE!


Skin: Birdy – Delilah

Eyes: [Buzz] Celestial Eyes

Hair: Little Bones – Cameo Lover (@SwagFest)

Bow: Paperbag. – Head Wrap Bow Bandana

Piercing: .EnfantTerrible. – Moonchild Nosechain **PAST GACHA, NOT OUT IN STORE**

Top: :Forever Young: – Ever After (@Kings and Queens Event)

Pants: Cynful – Skinny Jeans Dirty Leo*Curvy* (@Thrift Shop)

Shoes: FLite. – Outsiders – Pink (@The Gacha Arcade)

Purse: LUXE – Bandana Clutch (@TSF2)

Ring: MG – Venetian Fortune

Tattoo: Elska – Young Hearts

Pig: Birdy – Wilbur Blue (@Chapter 4) **ACCESSORIES NOT INCLUDED**

Pose: Purple Poses – Friends 80

Dinosaurs need love too

As I mentioned in my last post, Whore Couture is opening up soon, March 1st to be exact! If you would like more info of what designers will be there please click here. I am including the landmark to the event as well but please don’t use it, you won’t be able to get in until the 1st anyways, just something to refer to when you can get in.
I am BEYOND excited by what has been coming out so far! One of my favorite stores is participating in it and you will be seeing just ONE of the fabulous things Cynful is putting out for this event! The other item is a cute tank from Delirium that has two dinosaurs TRYING to hug! Damn those big heads and little arms! But this shirt along with the dress from Cynful are texture change so you are getting some lovely options as well as cute clothes!

And for anyone that knows me, knows I have hair and shoe addictions so both pictures are sporting new hair from Eaters Coma and Truth plus new shoes from fri.day and L. Warwick!! The shoes on the right are some classy little wedges from L.Warwick and the adorable flats are fri.day’s contribution for Seraphim Circle! Details below.


Skin: Birdy – Delilah

Hair: Eaters Coma – Hair 46

Top: D-style – S.E.X.Y Top w/ Hud (@Whore Couture Fair) **Coming soon**

Pants:Lolita – Marlee (@ The Big Show)

Necklace: .Pekka. – Pyr Cross Necklace

Bracelet: MG – Fairy Pearl Cuffs (@FaMeshed)

Earrings/Ring: MG – La Cerlique

Shoes: fri.day – Lizzie Slippers (@Seraphim)

Tattoo: SOURIRES – My Kingdom

Pose: PurplePose – 477

Skin: Birdy – Delilah

Hair: >TRUTH< – Haters – headband included

Dress: [Cynful] – Chainbelt dress – Nude(@Whore Couture Fair) **Coming soon**

Bracelet: (Kunglers) – Mixed

Shoes: L.Warwick – Europa – Slingback platform wedges – Pearl

Tattoo: Elska – Anchors Away w/ appliers

Pose: {Pose Maniacs} – Dada

Tell Him

I know it has been a while since my last blog post but it seems when the state of South Carolina gets snow… We basically shut down and freak out. I am still listening for the bomb siren, someone is going to pull it, I feel it. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the post!


Skin: .Birdy. – Delilah

Hair: [Lelutka] – Magdalen

Body Suit: *Epic* – Bombastic – Dark Canary Set

Gown: PEQE – Open Gown (@Fantasy Gacha)

Shoes: Fri.day – Amelia

Stockings: [PL] – Thi-Hi Stockings

Necklace/earrings: MG – Anael Heart (@With Love Fair)

Arm Fades: Chary – Fades

Pose: Purple Poses – Tricia (@With Love Fair)

Press Up On Me

I just reeeeeally love this pose from purple poses! Or maybe its getting the boyfriend to do the pose with me? Either way, its a win in my book! Plus this cute jeans from Cynful and this cardi/shirt combo that is at the last round of Collabor88 and the hair from Chemistry…and the shoes from Flite. Ok maybe I just like the whole thing! Hopefully you can find something you like out of this post too! By the way, the shirt is texture change with 12 different prints to pick from!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: (Chemistry) – Sirena

Top: [AUX] – Loose Cardi & Top

Jeans: [Cynful] – Skinny Jeans (Old TDRF Item now available in current events section)

Facial Piercings: Cute Poison – Hush (@ Project Limited)

Shoes:FLite. – Aviators Miner Studded (@Project Limited)

Helmet: [The Forge] – Green ULTRA RARE (@OMGacha)

Tattoo: Chary – Came to Fly

Pose 1: ::Focus Poses:: – Model 115

Pose 2: Purple Poses – couple 201

Trucker Hat

Ok so this post is the OFFICIAL official last post for the I ❤ Cake hunt. Plus new stuff from the most recent Chapter 4! This sweater around the waist coupled with the boots kind of makes me feel like a trucker so I felt Trucker Hat would be an appropriate song!


Skin: Glam Affair – Magenta – Asia (@The Seasons Story)

Hair: [Lelutka] – Athena

Shirt: [PL]- I’m Yours (@Cleavage for I ❤ Cake Hunt)

Shorts: [PL] – Denim Dukes (@TAS)

Sweater: *COCO* – shirtaroundwaist (@Chapter 4)

Necklace: MG – Steampunk Heart

Facial Piercings: .Pekka. – Cutuful

Shoes: *Ionic* – My Winter Boots (@Chapter 4)

Bracelet: .Pekka. – Rosario (@OMGacha)

Nails: [PL] – Satin Creme

Pose 1: //elephante poses// – Dolly (@OMGacha)

Pose 2: Purple Poses – Hilary

The Monster

Guess what? I pulled my SL brother, Traviee aka BOSEPHUS, and we did a blog post!!Then I kicked his butt at parcheesi afterwards, good times. Our styles are a little different from each others but isn’t variety the spice of life or something like that? Speaking of variety, its a new round at Silicone and The Azz Show so make sure you drop by and check it out! On to the clothing. For his credits, click here!


Skin: . Birdy. – Delilah Skin -pure

Hair: [geek.] – Gamer Leftovers (@OMGACHA)

Shorts: :FY: – Sporty Shorts (@TAS)

Shirt: !Lilicious – Batgirl (@Silicone)

Shoes: <TheAbyss> – Stompers

Hip Piercings: Cute Poison – Hip Accent Piercings

Earrings: :FY: – Knuckle earrings

Bracelet: MG – Ramona 77 leather Studded

Knee Brace: -UtopiaH- My Bored Knee

Pose : Purple Poses


Sooo I went to OMGacha and I might have gone a little over board with a few things like the wings from HolliPocket and maaaybe The Forge (They have sound effects for theirs). It all came together in this adorable little nerdy angel outfit because of this cute top from PixelGeek!! Plus this cute little pug that was given to my by my friend Mkayla <3!


Skin: . Birdy. – Delilah Skin -pure

Hair: [Lelutka] – New

Shirt: {PixelGeek} – Mini Lace Top

Skirt: Mad Echo – Hayley Skirt

Stockings: :FY: – Damaged Stockings

Shoes: :FY: – Zora Flats

Wings: *HolliPocket* – Holy Chibis Wings (@OMGACHA)

Pug: .Birdy. – Pocket Pet – Pug Fawn (@ Chapter 4)

Pose 1: .[pose+ivity]. – Glasses (@OMGACHA)

Pose 2 : Purple Poses

Merry Christmas Baby

The Boyfriend and I took a picture a few days ago but I just now got around to finishing the editing on it! You can see his outrage post that it wasn’t complete on his blog along with the details of what he is wearing and where he got it right HERE. Plus this awesome new catsuit from Bodify! Come get it before its gone!


Hair:[Lelutka] – Old Gift – Happy Holidays

Bodysuit: [HC] – Sheer Black Catsuit (@Bodify)

Shoes: N-Core – Sublime – Black

Tattoo: .Identity. – Karma (@FROST)

Sunglasses: Welldone.atelier – Wood Sunglasses

Mink: [LF] – Winter wold Scarf (@FROST)

Pose: PurplePOSES – couple 299

For Greg’s info click here!